Re-structuring a complex system - back-end to front

Recently, my bank made the smart decision to upgrade their online system. I'm sure it was an epic feat, as all large-scale corporate projects are. It seriously needed it, as the old system was a stereotypical early 00's version that functioned, but not in a way that made sense for users today. The design is very nice (although the drop-down arrow gray could be a little darker), and it looks sleek and modern. The new version has been in place for a couple of months, and new features are added as they're made available. I think that's smart in the revamp of a large-scale system, and it looks really nice but it doesn't play nice. The conclusion I've drawn from interacting with it and attempting to continue my online banking is this: The bank talked to their developers about adding the features, making the site look pretty, but just going with that alone, not allowing for architecture or experience planning...



screenshot of the DARC rugby website
screenshot of the upcoming charles canon interiors website
screenshot of the Jenny Belin Portraits website
screenshot of the website for design and labor by david aloia
screenshot of WCNC's Olympics 2012 Section
screenshot of the k h o u astros section


My name is Kim Daniels and I live in Dallas, Texas. I love designing and building for the web, and am passionate about creating spaces that are visually beautiful, usable and intuitive without being overly simplistic.



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